Gifts well sent

You can send a gift to anyone with just their email address or mobile phone number, and the gift will go to their QashGift account. If they don’t have a QashGift account, they can create one instantly for free. So go ahead and move your checkbook from the desk drawer to the junk drawer.

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  •  Engineered for security.

    Securely link your gifts to QashGift’s bank grade security and keep your information safe.
    Personalized QR encrypted implementation.

     Engineered for convenience.

    Head to a shop. Scan your code at the QashGift counter. Upon pin identification approval, you have managed to secure a redemption.

     Engineered for speed.

    Send & receive gifts instantly with a few clicks on your mobile phone.

Billion dollar industry

Millions of people buy gifts everyday for someone somewhere


Send gifts in bulk with no extra charges.

Start sending today!

Giving just became more forgiving.